A Message From: Rilo (Husband of 90 days)

How’s married life? As a good friend succinctly put it - ‘it’s the same but somehow better’. Married life is better. I think maybe because its reminds you of how lucky you are. The little reminders help you appreciate the days you have together a bit more. I intend to carry on doing that and in those days and moments try to make Kate as happy as I can. Like she makes me. Kate will continue to be a force of nature that I am fully swept away with. The wedding day and weekend was incredible. Straight afterward I had one of those brief windows of clarity, a better adjusted perspective, where the small stuff doesn't matter. I was quite overwhelmed by our little Cliff Barns community. Everyone helped, got stuck in, supported, played, worried, laughed and cried together. Very special times. More so than we could have imagined. Straight away we were scheming how to get everybody back together again. A brilliantly emotional time and a very special set of memories, but as memories inevitably fade I hope that some of the stuff on here allows us to remember a bit better and helps take us back to our magical day. So here we are 90 days in, hoping for 90 years more…

Rilospen Wedding Games Memo - results due soon
Thank you!
Wedding Stationery Envelope
Order of Service
Order of the Day (Guest Version)
‘Somebody / Goreki’,  brilliantly read by Lucy Spencer during the ceremony
reading card photo 4
reading card photo 3
reading card photo 2
reading card photo 1
The Beer Menu
The Wine Menu
Rilospen Games Clipboard: Boules Notes
'Pin-2-Win' Tag: Long Jump
'Pin-2-Win' Tag: Triple Jump
The wedding message blackboard
Emeline's Art Gallery, containing Martyn, Kate and Frank (A2 paper)
12.30pm ceremony time
Kate and Martyn sitting on cliff edge looking down valley
local taxi numbers
Useful Notes for before the wedding
save the date
Team 'Rilo' badge
Team 'Rilo' badge
Team 'Spen' badge
📣Questions on The Day
rilospen postage stamp